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How to do overtime at 100% and holiday at 150%

In the report format Chron Standard can be set a value for each normal worked hour, a value for each overtime hour, an additional for night hours and and additional by worked on holiday hour

By using the schedule of the employee a Time type for example, Holiday and setting the values in the individual report you will get the desire results.


1) Setup holiday on the employee´s schedules
2) Select the employee in the list
3) Click in Reports
4) Click in Preferences
5) Select the fotmatChron = Estandar
6) Enter the Company name (optional)
7) Enter the Company ID Number (optional)
8) Enter the Activity name (optional)
9) Select Show lates arrives to red color (optional)

10) Click on X to Close
11) Click on New Report or select an existent report on the list and click on Edit Report
12) Enter a report name (optional)
13) Enter the Cost by Hour por example: 10
14) Enter the Cost by Overtime por example: 20 (100%)
15) Enter the Add. Nogth Time (Optional)
16) Enter the Add. Holiday Time por example: 15 (150%)
17) Click on Apply
18) Click on Print Report

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