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How to install an electronic clock

1) Click on the Electronic Clock command
2) Click on the Add File command
3) When the window open by the last action, in the Identification field, type in the name of the clock or identify it with a number or a word or leave the default name.
4) Click on the Select file command and input the pathname where to find the file to be imported containing the departures and arrivals information.
5) Select the Files of type to "All files"
6) Click on the file that appears on the browser corresponding to your clock.
7) Select the "Format / Clock Type" in the compatible clocks list.
IMPORTANT TIP! If your clock isn't listed in the compatible electronic clock list, choice Custom and close this procedure doing step 8) and continue with
Procedure to obtain a Custom Electronic Clock Driver.

8) Close the window by clicking on X and see that your clock is already installed on

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