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How to calculate employee´s overtime

Worked time is divided in

Normal time
Authorized overtime
Unauthorized overtime

Unauthorized overtime totalize on reports in column Time bank. Printing is opcional

Overtime can be authorized in an autoschedule or in a schedule

Overtime authorization can be for Free quantity or limited to a maximum time by day.

Procedure to caculate overtime for one employee:

1) Authorize overtime in the employee´s autoschedule (opcional)
2) Authorize overtime in the employee´s schedule (Opcional)
3) Select the employee on the list
4) Click on Reports
5) Click on Preferences
6) Select a format without constant percents, for example: Timesheet Chron 10 format
7) Enter the Company name (optional)
8) Enter the Company ID (optional)
9) Enter the Activity name (optional)
10) Select Show late check-in in red (optional)

11) Click on X to close
12) Click on New report or select an existent report on the list and click on Edit report
13) Enter a report name (optional)
14) Enter the Normal hour cost
15) Enter the Overtime hour cost
16) Enter the Plus by night hour (Optional)
17) Enter the Plus by holiday hour
18) Click on Apply
19) Click on Print report

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