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Night Time

Configuration 1: Creating a night time shift in which the employee punchs-in a day and punchs-out the next dat

When an employee works night time (it means that punchs-in a day and punchs-out the next day) it is necessary to avoid CHRON to understand that the employee has punched-in and forgot to punchs-out, and so take that second punch as a punch-in the for the next day. To adjust this night time shift it is necessary to create a specific shift in the Shifts Table
and assign it in the Schedule or Auto-Schedule for the employee
In this way CHRON understand that the employee is punching-in in a day and punching-out the next day, having assigned for the working day a shift defined as shown as folllow:

1) Click on the Shifts commands
2) Click on theNew Shift
3) Click on the shift type Set Hours e após no comando
4) Program the First part for the desired shift, for example 22:00 am to 6:00 pm


5) The Shift Name can be any text and will be used to identify and select shifts in employee´s schedule

Configuration 2: Time range to consider to sum the Night Additional in the cost analysis report

The time range considered as Night Time can be programmed for each shift in the shifts table. The default value is 22:00 pm to 06:00 am
For each report can be defined the cost for worked hour in this time range as an Night Additional

Using of this feature is optional and is present in some report formats that can be selected with the commands REPORTS > PREFERENCES
Some of these report formats calculate and print a Cost Analysis with values as:
Normal time total
Overtime total
Night time total
Holiday time total

The cost of each Night hour is configurated for each employee´s report with the command sequence REPORTS > Select report > EDIT

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